The blog post which is called, "What did you *think* they did with your data?" talks about companies such as Accuweather and Google with Walmart making money in ways that aren't obvious. Accuweather is making money once you allow it to use your location when not using the app, by constantly sapping your data for them to find your location. Walmart partnered with google to produce online shopping which allows a bigger advantage to shop from Walmart.

The post called "For $100, anyone can purchase online ads to track your location and app use" explains that ads on phone apps can track your location and activity. Burglars may create spam companies to track your device and see when you are out of your house during any time. Another example could be the company you work for being able to see if you are not focusing on work and shopping instead of doing your job during working hours.

The post called, "When you should (and shouldn't) share your location using …


My Playstation 2 may act as a computer. This device stores data of Megabytes and stores save files for video games, this storage is only possible if you bought an additional Memory Card It processes the data by opening up the files when playing a game and allowing me to save a game to start where I left off.
This result is a very big convenience because if I had to start my game all over again every time I booted up the system I probably wouldn't play.


Pickup pile of pens Chose one pen Write on paper If pen displays ink on paper       Put pen on left side       Go back to line 2 Else        Put pen on right side        Go back to line 2